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Water Proof Phones... Not Really

Water Proof Phones... Not Really

Posted By: Future Published: 04/07/2019 Times Read: 245 Comments: 0

 WATER PROOF...NOT REALLY!  There is still a few reasons why a Gadget Saver is the best insurance for you to have...

The Term used by mobile phone manufactures and the real truth , Adverts promising that your device is water proof ! ( cut to scene's of happy people jumping into swimming pools ) So many people have contacted us asking why when mobile phones promise to be water proof and weeks or months later they are going to the repair shop and an argument ensues over warranty ! 

The truth is nothing is truly water proof but water resistant and they are very well sealed in the factories and have a film or coating ( BUT FOR HOW LONG) that provides the phone with up to 1.5 meters of depth in water and passed that you are subjecting the device to heavy water pressure that can then force it's way into the device, this in the small print from the big mobile companies in all adverts claiming water proofing has its limits Also the time the device is allowed in water, in one case the adverts say in the small print, up to 1.5metres for up to 30 minutes , so it's an improvement over the old devices from the last decade but it's water resistant at best and the never ending argument with repair company, warranty or insurance companies is No No you must have surpassed the 1.5metres or longer than 30 minutes and you have No proof against this ....and all that does not take ito account for salt water or Chlorine just plain old water!! 


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