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Gadget Saver Summary

Summary Product Information for Gadget Saver:

The Gadget Saver® bag is a bespoke multi layer polypropylene based resealable pouch.

The bag creates an airtight dehumidification chamber designed to rapidly remove moisture and liquids from hand held electronic devices.

The bag contains an antistatic layer, which safely discharges static electricity as the device dries out. (Static electricity builds up in devices that have come in contact water or moisture). The Gadget Saver® bag discharges this static charge safely to prevent component damage caused by static discharge. This is similar to a technician using an earth strap when carrying out repairs to a device in a workshop.

The Gadget Saver bag contains a Gadget Saver Absorbency Pack®, a tight woven cloth which contains the active ingredient a bespoke wide bore silica gel bead crystal. This pack is breathable and has a very high burst strength even when wet. This pack can easily absorb up to 40% of its weight in liquid.

In the small Gadget Saver® bag, the Gadget Saver Absorbency® pack contains a 25g sachet which can absorb 10g or 10cc of water.

In the medium Gadget Saver® bag, (which contains a larger internal bag for medium sized devices up to iPad size) the Absorbency Pack® contains a 50g sachet which can absorb 20g or 20cc of water.

The Gadget Saver Absorbency Pack® takes between 8 Hours ( Hearing aids and small Mp3 Players ) to 24 +hours ( some phones and up to iPad tablet Size) to remove all moisture from an affected device. Some devices may require longer due to device construction. After using the Gadget Saver bag for the prescribed 8 to 24+ hours, the moisture-affected device is removed from the bag, reassembled, must be put on charge for a minimum of 4 hours and after the recharge should be powered up. If the device does not power up immediately, simply replace the device in the bag for a further drying period. Gadget Saver will; dry out your wet electronics but cannot guarantee to revive all devices; this is based on an element of time from spillage and types of liquid involved. Plus the age and condition of the wet device prior to spillage. The product has been extensively researched and tested over an eighteen month period and have a 99% success rate to date backed up by numerous client testimonials. Independent testing report from Dublin City University available on request.

The Gadget Saver® comes with detailed instruction leaflet, a lint free drying cloth, cotton swabs to clean contact points. (Everything you require to dry out your affected device).

Gadget Saver® and the Gadget Saver Absorbency Pack® are trademarked

The Gadget Saver product is manufactured in a clean room environment ensuring optimum performance and long-term shelf life.

Gadget Saver has been developed in Ireland.