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Gadget Saver Size Guide

Which Size to purchase? 

Small or Medium  size check before purchasing please ! 

Up to 10x 15cm for Small Devices   Some of the newest generation of super phones may require a larger size

Up to 24 x 18cm for Large Devices


 List of devices that can be saved:

1.  Mobile phones

2.  Blue Tooth headsets, Ear Pods and Ear buds plus small headsets

3.  Car Remotes

4.  Tablets up to 24cm x 18cm no moving hard drives solid state only like IPad's 

5.  Tv, Satellite,Dvd and any Remote Controls that require batteries 

6.  Cameras and lenses 

7.  Sat navs

8.  Mp3 Players and Ipod

9.  Smart Watches 

10. Medical testing and delivery products such as insulin and blood measurements

11  Home Phone hand sets

12  Satellite phones

13. Walkie talkies

14  Small car ECU and computers

15. Camcorders

16. Electrical computer components 

17. E Book readers 

18. Pagers

19. Hand held Games

20. USB sticks 

21. Portable Memory 

22. Torches

23. Hearing Aids

24  Digital watches

25  Radios

26. Battery chargers

27. Rechargeable batteries

28  Battery operated toys up to 24cm x 18cm

29. Battery operated small tools

30. Watches when the seal goes condensation builds up inside

31. PS3 PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch Controllers that suffer water and or liquid damage

32. Smart Watches

33. Digital pens, pointers