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Gadget Saver- Rice The Old Wives Tale!

Gadget Saver- Rice The Old Wives Tale!

Posted By: Future Published: 04/07/2019 Times Read: 487 Comments: 0

                                                                                  Gadget Saver 

                 RICE …a word in your ear about using the myth of rice to dry out your wet electronics

Using a bag of rice to remove moisture / liquids from electronic goods. This is what’s known as an old wives tale perpetuated on-line, in truth you are probably causing more harm than good because even if you dry out the device ENOUGH to get it going again you probably won’t have dried it out fully and this will start a nice slow corrosive death march to electronic heaven!!

Question, would you eat rice cooked in COLD water, the answer is no!  Because cold water will not expand rice EG there is no drawing power from cold uncooked rice!  Only rice in water at boiling temperatures will allow rice to expand…Therefore it will not draw liquids from wet electronics from cold liquids.  Please don’t think you should apply COOKED rice to a wet device that’s just silly!!

So why do people suggest it will? Because if you wet let’s say a mobile phone and leave it on a table to dry out it naturally it will eventually,  but it may take quite some time and that depends on the room temperature …what will happen is it may or may not dry out but what actually happens is the device has now started a corrosion process that will come back to bite the owner in weeks or months and they won’t know why!! 

So the myth is rice draws water therefore it must dry out wet electronics but the answer is it dried out naturally coupled with anywhere warm and dry like in a bag in the hot press. but in reality it’s like a spin on a rouelette wheel …did it actually dry it out fully, and on this subject, no you should never put the device in the oven, the microwave, or use a hand dryer or even a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner you are actually forcing air and now the liquid further in and perhaps causing irreparable damage!! 

I hope this puts the “Old Wives Tale” of using Rice as way of Drying Out A Electronic devices firmly behind you and Welcome to the correct way to extract moisture/ liquids from wet devices including humidity 


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