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Gadget Saver- Prolonging the Life of Earbuds and Hearing Aids

Gadget Saver- Prolonging the Life of Earbuds and Hearing Aids

Posted By: Future Published: 09/07/2019 Times Read: 308 Comments: 0

Gadget Saver- Prolonging Hearing Aids

The Prolonging and upkeep of your devices, Hearing aids, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets

Our main aim is to DRY OUT WET ELECTRONICS, the device is used to Rescue from liquid accidents or humidity issues. However the good news is The Gadget Saver also PROLONGS the life of your items such as Hearing aids, if you or anyone you know uses a hearing device they might often say, I don’t think they are working properly and I must get them checked because they feel the frequency has changed or the volume is too low. 

What actually mostly happens is we humans produce a wax in our ears and this builds up and blocks the tube of the microphone or the speaker within the ear piece.  Ear wax (urgh!) is only actually held together with liquid.  Solution—Gadget Saver …

By placing the ear pieces into our great device and leaving them there overnight they will extract the liquid that holds the ball of wax down to a powder that you can just give a gentle brush off in the morning and “hey presto” you should be much happier. No moving parts, no engineering, no difficult instructions. This process can and should be repeated every 2 weeks to 1 month to avoid a build-up of wax. 

This same process and thoughts should be applied to our mobile phones as they are subjected to all levels of humidity all day long, think about taking from a cold climate and putting in you nice warm pocket! Or vice a versa hot climates with humidity in the evenings and then into an even warmer pocket. In basic terms without realising it we subject our phones to all kinds of heat and cold and this can start a corrosion process…awful but true rust or corrosion is like a machines cancer, starts slow and builds until it might be too late to fix. By placing the phone, hearing aid or even better a Bluetooth headset in to a Gadget Saver device every 2 to 4 weeks you will prolong the life of your expensive devices. 

N.B   The Gadget Saver bag comes with a reseal able grip-a-seal and if you haven’t used the device to rescue a wet device ( if you have used it to rescue a wet electronic the life of the absorbency bag is now depleted and should be replaced) you can open and close the bag over a 6month period for the purposes of PROLONGING your devices but remember to open and close the bag as quickly as possible, expel any excess air and run your finger along the grip a seal to ensure it closed. When not in use KEEP the Gadget Saver bag closed. 

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