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When should I buy a Gadget Saver device?

The best way to get the best " it's fixed" result is to own a Gadget Saver device before the accident / exposure to moisture, liquid or ingression...simply put, purchase one and by keep it in the home, the car or when traveling, consider it like a very cheap insurance policy. If you consider what happens after a soaking...we panic, dry it off, plug it in and kaboom! then off to the repair shop and or make a claim, in real terms it's probably 10 days to 2 weeks and a 1st claim charge of €70 before your back on the road again ! Gadget Savers are amazing and simple to use on your Apple phone,watch and tablet and pens , Samsung, phones,watches,tablets,pens and all other brands known and not so known devices as long as they have a battery

How long after an incident do you have before using a Gadget Saver device?

Don't panic if you don't have one already, there is no absolute definitive answer as how long after an incident a Gadget Saver can help but for best results within a few days but it would be at it's best within a few hours...the reason for this is simple....what condition and how old was the now wet device in prior to the incident .... To be totally honest after 10 years of dealing with wet devices here is our advice and opinion ... All handheld devices that hold a battery ( and are not solely mains or plugged in devices and or moving hard drives so that's a NO to saving laptops) and fit within our two devices called SMALL 10cm X 15cm and Medium 24cm X 18cm can be fully dried out however we can't fix Broken EG a blown fuse or capacitor or rust, corrosion . The point here is that small battery operated devices that aren't plugged into a power source don't have enough power to actually break a device when it gets wet ! yes it shuts off and or the screen appears scrambled and this when fully dried out will/ should/can after a full recharge for the battery should be fully repaired. it is not precise as there is an very wide range of factors, what age was the device, age matters because every day we submit our devices to a big range of humidity levels , think about it in your warm pocket to the cold air! what happens over time is the tiny gaps allow moisture to set in and the corrosion process over time will take over ...hence when customers are told their device has had a liquid episode but they argue it's never been near water! Gadget Saver is here to help , by placing your device in the bag overnight once every few months it will reduce the corrosion process. Back to the How long, we handed Gadget Savers to people whose devices were soaked up to 3 months prior and saved them but there is no absolute gauge other than best testing options were from straight away because you own a bag to a few days to get one ...the longer you are from the soak the longer we say you should leave it in the bag unopened so for instance if you drowned it 3 days ago leave it in the bag for 36 hours to be very sure then remember full cycle recharge so 3 to 6 hours to reset the battery memory. The 3 month test was on an Apple iPod and we were so happy with the result. Sometimes you may need to replace a battery after such an episode but we have only seen this happen in 5% of repair cases.

How does it work?

Gadget Saver is a very clever, very safe device with no moving parts...the device or Gadget Saver bag has an outer bag ( RED bag for SMALL devices and Black bag for Medium devices ) that dissipates any left over battery charge therefore stopping any further or possible electrical damage. The inner Absorbency pack is a special one way weave that draws liquid into the bag and therefore allows the " Magic crystals" to suck in and keep moisture inside them. The magic crystals are special to us and are very safe if swallowed ! The device works like this ...once you have disassembled whatever can normally be removed from the wet device the battery, memory card and sim card you dry the phone with our lint free drying cloth and or gently use the cotton swabs to remove all the excess liquid. Then you will place the device into the Gadget Saver bag which once inside you fully expel any excess air please fully seal the bag at the top with the grip-a-seal .( to be clear in the bag will now be your wet device and the Absorbency pack )...the process begins because first the moisture inside the bag is drawn into the Gadget Saver absorbency bag then it begins to pull all the liquid out of the device that's wet and it pulls it through the one way weave absorbency pack and into the special crystals that hold the moisture in them.

Why would I use a Gadget Saver?

Here are 3 reasons, 1 you have had a soaking of a device and it needs saving. 2. You can prolong your devices life from every day humidity and finger oils and ear wax by placing the device in the bag over night ( expel any air and seal the top place device in the red or black bag and include the Absorbency bag with it as that's the magic bit!! then give it a clean with a dry cloth the following morning ( think hearing aids and ear buds) . 3 You can use the bag as a water repellent on a boat or the beach or near water areas and whilst it's in there it's prolonging your devices life too!

I been told I can use a bowl of rice...

We like this one, the truth is it's an unproven old wives tale about rice...ask yourself this ...would you eat rice cooked in cold water , well the answer is NO , because rice in cold water does not expand! rice only expands when it's in boiling water therefore how can it extract water from a wet device ! The real truth is this ...if you leave a wet device in any place where the liquid can evaporate you might get lucky enough to power back up your wet device however you haven't fully removed the liquid and will be banging it off a table when the corrosion process or rust begins further down the short don't believe everything you read or hear...the best way to remove liquid from devices is with a Gadget Saver device which draws water fully from a device and dissipates any electrical charges left over from batteries..really ! please don't think that boiling the rice then popping your wet device into hot steaming rice will work, it won't !

How many times can we use the same Gadget Saver bag...

This is tricky because we recommend after saving a device from a liquid spill we believe the life of the absorbency bag is depleted so our rule of thumb is this, if we save you're wet device replace the Gadget Saver with a new bag. If you use the bag to prolong and clean your in-ear buds or hearing aids and it's not a spill and you drop it in the bag once a week then replace after 3 months if you only use it once a month then replace after 6 months. If you use the bag once in 6 months to water repel on the beach or near water then once a year and in all cases make sure the bag stays sealed, closed at all times...the only time the bag should be open is to put in or take out devices be they dry or wet.

What devices can be saved or prolonged please be under no illusion that your device is WATER PROOF

All devices have small print and it says up to 30 minutes or 1.5 meters depth so be aware of the arguments between customers and manufactures or retailers and repair shops you won't win ...have a Gadget Saver in your life and use it before reporting a soaking or bring it to the repair divisions which will probably take 10 days from spill to back in your hand and you will probably have to pay €70 against your claim ( everyone has a different scenario) We have seen our device used on the following items
  1. Mobile phones
  2. Blue Tooth headsets, Ear Pods and Ear buds plus small headsets
  3. Car Remotes
  4. Tablets up to 24cm x 18cm no moving hard drives solid state only like IPad's
  5. Tv, Satellite,Dvd and any Remote Controls that require batteries
  6. Cameras and lenses
  7. Sat navs
  8. Mp3 Players and Ipod
  9. Smart Watches
  10. Medical testing and delivery products such as insulin and blood measurements
  11. Home Phone hand sets
  12. Satellite phones
  13. Walkie talkies
  14. Small car ECU and computers
  15. Camcorders
  16. Electrical computer components
  17. E Book readers
  18. Pagers
  19. Hand held Games
  20. USB sticks
  21. Portable Memory
  22. Torches
  23. Hearing Aids
  24. Digital watches
  25. Radios
  26. Battery chargers
  27. Rechargeable batteries
  28. Battery operated toys up to 24cm x 18cm
  29. Battery operated small tools
  30. Watches when the seal goes condensation builds up inside
  31. PS3 PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch Controllers that suffer water and or liquid damage
  32. Smart Watches
  33. Digital pens and pointers for phones ,tablets and displays

Which brands will it work on?

We have had success with Samsung to include the Galaxy, Note, A phones, Tablets and watch ranges . Apple iPhone, Tablets and phone range, Nokia, One plus 7 Pro, Oppo Reno, Huawei, Xiami, Google Pixel and Sony Xperia ranges to name but a few, it will work on ANY device that is battery operated and not plugged into the mains when it gets soaked or exposed to liquid or humidity.

FAQ's Notes...

Please note Gadget Saver removes water...standard water so if your device has been soaked with any other liquid you are going to give your device a little bath...oh yes a dropped your phone in the toilet, wine ,beer, salt water, milk, the bath etc you will remove what you can from the device like the battery,sim,memory and gently put it in a glass of ordinary water or a bowl of water and give it a wash suds or cleaning agents, just water and then use the Gadget Saver cloth and cotton swabs to dry it and a clean it. Now being neutralised to water and placed with the absorbency pack inside the Gadget Saver bag/device of either Small size for devices of 10cm X 15cm or Medium size for 24cm X 18cm  the process can begin ..expel any excess air and leave it along for 12 to 24hours for a phone or 36 to 48hours for a tablet but 8hours will be enough to dry out an MP3's all about the size of the device will denote drying times...

In truth we have had some very odd saves in our time, here's a few examples that amazed us too!

1. A young lady who desperately needed the information and pictures from her phone drove 200 miles to meet me in a public house where a crowd gathered to witness me remove the sim card and as it was an Apple I couldn't remove the battery or memory chip....the phone was dropped into Vodka and white lemonade 10 days previously and had been through an official repair shop who stated it was no longer viable to repair and they couldn't power it up nor could they retrieve the information and pictures as she hadn't backed it up! that's an important point for all of us to understand ...a few days after a breakage we don't mind losing the object but we want the information, pictures and settings back to feel whole again! Back to the crowd watching us in the public house....I asked for a pint glass of water and gently dropped the iPhone into the water , I did this 3 or 4 times or dips then opened a Gadget Saver bag used the drying cloth and dried of excess liquid then with Absorbency bag and the phone placed them in side the Gadget Saver bag....The lady departed back on her 200 miles trip home and called me 24 hours later to say she had recharged the phone but it hadn't worked but I asked her to please put it back in the bag and try again the following day ..she didn't call me the following day and I was sad that we had failed to help her out when she had traveled so far and was so desperate to retrieve the information , so I called her the day after that and she was crying on the phone thanking Gadget Saver as she now had the only photos remaining of her recently passed Grandmother as Gadget Saver had saved her phone that 2 weeks previously was soaked in the most sticky of liquids Vodka and white lemonade, been through a repair shop and only Gadget Saver was the only real saver  !!

2. A lady who wrote to thank us as her disabled son washed his iPod on more than 3 different occasions as he was copying his Mum cleaning at the kitchen sink...Gadget Saver fixed that problem each time!!

3. The grandfather who was so upset because his baby grandson had his new phone in his mouth , dribbling all over it and we saved it but he called to tell me it happened twice!

4. The young man who admitted he was a little drunk when he dropped his phone in the urinal and was brave enough to fish it out and it worked until he being clean he washed it in the sink and then it didn't work , Gadget Saver fixed that one too!

5. The lady who forgot she had her hearing aids in her ear when she had a bath and was wondering what was floating in the suds, at €4000 for each hearing aid she was so happy she had been given a Gadget Saver device and yes it was saved.

6. The gentleman who was found to have his Rolex watch in the oven with a Sunday roast as it was a little foggy behind the dial, his son quickly retrieved the watch and when it had cooled down he had a bag in his car so he placed in a bag and saved it ,however if a watch fogs up it needs a new seal!

7. The man who told us he was showing off his new car and all it's features and was staying with a friend when he dropped his car remote in a puddle. He picked it up , dried it with his jumper and it didn't work! he was 80 miles from home, luckily his friend had a bag and they popped it in over night and he prayed ...the next day even though we didn't know it Gadget Saver answered his prayers ...his remote worked and off he went home! I don't know if he replaced the bag for his friend but we hope so

Gadget Saver has extensively tested our product and has been able to wet and rescue some devices many times over but we don't suggest you try this at home! Good Luck, Thank you for purchasing our product, yes we are very glad we saved your product but we would like to hear from you..
The Gadget Saver Team