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Case number 215645 Gadget Saver- liquid damaged phones and analysis of same

We have been asked to strip and analyse each of the 7 phone handsets that have been deliberately immersed in water and rescued by the gadget saver product a number of times. 

Basic analysis of each handset:

Alcatel IMEI ending 849:

Only corrosion evident on this device is surface corrosion across the heat shield over the main processor. All other components are clean and do not malfunction. Phone tests 100% - signal reception is weak but this is a known issue with this handset.

This handset would be considered entirely rescued and fully operational.

Alcatel IMEI ending: 963:

Same as previous handset but corrosion on heat shield is less significant. Phone is fully operational and no other damage is evident.

Alcatel IMEI ending 488:  No signs of corrosion whatsoever. There is no evidence of water ingress. The phone is fully operational.

Alcatel IMEI ending 955: On this handset there is evidence of water ingress and very minor surface corrosion across the dc components in the area of the battery to board connection. This is not critical and does not affect the operation of the handset. 

Vodafone 354 IMEI ending 166:

Evidence of water ingress and corrosion near the camera-to-board connection and the camera module itself. This is merely evidentiary and does not affesct the normal operation of the phone.

Vodafone Purple IMEI ending 150:

No corrosion evident. The chip shields show SOME evidence of water ingress through mild tarnishing but are not corroded nor does it affect the operation of the handset.

Vodafone 555 “blue” IMEI ending 280:

This handset is fully operational as in all other cases. Shields are a milder aluminium in this case and show the usual evidence of tarnishing/light corrosion. There is SOME evidence inside the speaker of tarnishing too but again the operation is not affected.


Although there is light cosmetic evidence internally of water ingress under forensic analysis – there is no actual damage to speak of and indeed most non-water damaged handsets that we would analyse could demonstrate these signs of general wear and tear. It is felt that the rapid drying effect of the gadget saver product is sufficient to rescue water damaged phones in the vast majority of cases. Having repaired or attempted to repair over 600 liquid damged handsets over the course of the last 5 years to a greater or lesser degree of success, a product like this would seem to be an essential standby accessory for anyone reliant on a smartphone.

Please find Photos attached.

Kind regards,

Colin Baker

Technology presenter, Tv3 Television

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