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Gadget Saver® takes it to the next level


Your Mobile Phone has just been covered by liquid, dropped in a drink, had coffee knocked over it, your mind races, have I lost all my photos!, all my contacts!, ALL THE DATA!  If it hasn’t happened to you we all know someone who has suffered this tragedy, a mobile phone or other electronic gadget destroyed by liquid with NO way to immediately dry the device and save the vital data, until now!

With the launch of a world beating, new,  Irish product!


Gadget Saver®

How does it work?

Gadget Saver® offers the unique and proven solution of rescuing the life of a small to medium sized electronic device after a liquid accident and with minimum effort. It even has the ability of prolonging the life and increasing the quality of a device by removing moisture and liquid build-up, for example ear wax, which has a huge impact on the life span of many devices such as hearing aids and head phones.

Humidity, change of temperatures in our bodies and atmosphere, dead-skin deposits, ear wax, coughs and colds, all can contribute to moisture build up on any device that we use regularly.


It’s multi layer re-sealable bag offers an anti static chamber for safe dispersal of static electricity (static electricity is known to disperse when in contact with water), whilst the 100% breathable and completely safe pouch acts as a desiccant, completely drawing out the liquid in a completely safe and trusted manner. The product complies with all European safety standards both in terms of the packaging and public use of the product (see addendum).


Testimonials and on-going testing also show that the Gadget Saver® system can add quality and life span to your product! How brilliant is that?!


Value and security proposition


This clever and portable product creates a moisture extraction system which offers value and practicality, and comes in two sizes;


Small size, for repair of devices up to 10x18cms and used for mp3 players, ipods, mobile phones, hearing aids, small cameras, watches, car and alarm remotes, hands free kits and lots more. The retail price is just €14.99 for this product, a small price to pay to revive an expensive product back to its formative state after a soaking and in a lot of cases to a more enhanced and improved state, when used to draw out existing moisture residues within your electronic products.


Medium Size, For repair of devices up to 24x 18cms to include above and up to a tablet or iPad or TV Remotes ,Sat Navs ETC…this device will also dry out smaller devices as well. 

  With worldwide statistics pointing to water damage representing the 2nd highest reason for fatal shock and loss of use to mobile phones (850,000 devices in UK alone p.a.), you can begin to see how this product offers ‘peace of mind’ for the smallest of investments.

 Ease of Use

It is incredibly easy to use for any age, just pop your soaked device into the bag from 8 hours (dependent on the size of the electronic gadget and how wet. Some of the larger devices like an iPad that got Very Wet could take up to 48 hours in the bag to be sure!) to have the moisture removed from the crucial components.


The medium size retails at €19.99 and caters for larger devices including IPads, computer tablets, children’s electronic gaming devices such as Nintendo DS, cordless phones and even medical testing kits such as digital thermometers, blood testing meters for diabetes and heart rate monitors to mention just a few.


One hundred percent recyclable and practical, in this age where gadgets abound and where insurance companies cannot extend cover to include water and liquid damage (such is the extent of liquid mishaps rending devices useless), this product offers a very real answer to what is a potential threat and growing high cost to each and every one of us. Gadget Saver® is ideal for offices, homes and cars, more than one item can be stored in the medium sized bag, for example when on holidays, as a form of water protection.


Based on a success rate of over 98.6%, coupled with the rigorous standards of safety, feasibility and indeed all European guidelines adhered to (see technical information sheet), this is a company who knows exactly how to execute a much needed product.


Don’t be surprised to see more in the news about this soon to be household name, coupled with further developments and growth from the Global GadgetSaver® team!


For more information and to view a video, visit today


About Gadget Saver

An Irish firm, Gadget Saver® having 9 years trading and distributed previously in no less than 32 countries is set to soar to unrestrained heights in the global marketplace, continuing the positive effect the company is having on employment, both in the Irish, UK, European and International retail arenas.


In fact, we are always on the lookout for expansion opportunities and distributors abroad and with names like Vodafone, Fonua, Carphone Warehouse, Power City, Maxol in Ireland alone selling the Gadget Saver® product it’s not hard to see the current success this Company already has achieved.


The global stage is now opening up to them and with several companies purchasing, , and setting up distribution channels, Wholesale and twice has been remanufactured under agreed licence along with a bespoke insurance policy interest in New Zealand . The product has had several different language instruction stickers printed to comply with 5 other countries and already begun to work with this responsive brand in over 32 countries worldwide. This is a highly organised operation, supporting its growing list of international distributors.


But the real strength of this fast growing Irish and international operation is the product itself, designed for ease of use by a market aged nine to ninety years of age and cleverly packaged with this in mind. No moving parts and 100% safe should it be ingested.


Gadget Saver® Limited is supported by Enterprise Ireland, the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Enterprise Board, The Southside Partnership, and The Larkin Centre through the Irish government’s enterprise initiatives.

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Registered Office: Gadget Saver® 72 Carraig Oscair Naas, Co Kildare W91 C8WY, Ireland.


 Contact: Phone ++353 15540144 Main .Paul ++35387 2588 583 or Office++353 1 54 72772